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From very high-security tamper evident films for tax stamps, security laminates for Document Protection, Security Films for High-Security Registration Plate, and product for decorative packaging to our other customised solutions, leading Security Printers, Authentication Companies, Security Label Manufacturers, Convertors, Packaging and Decorative Product Manufacturers Companies rely on us for our wide range of films, foils and laminate solutions.


High-Security Applications (HSA)

  • Security Films for Tax Stamps
  • HRI Films for Document Protection (Passport)
  • Security Laminate for ID Cards
  • Security Foils for High Security Registration Plate (HSRP)
  • Chrome Metallized Films for Automotive
  • ...

    Brand Protection & Labelling (BPL)

  • Hot Stamping Foils (HSF)
    1. Silver, Golden & Various Color Foils
    2. Pigmented Foils
  • Cold Stamping Foils (CSF)
    1. Embossed and Non-Embossed CSF
  • Tamper and Non Tamper Evident Films (TEF)
    1. TEF for Hologram
    2. VOID, Honey Comb, Checker Box TEF
    3. Semi-Transparent TEF
    4. Customised with Security Features TEF
    5. UV and Non-UV TEF
    6. Multi-Colour TEF
  • Films for Labeling
    1. Plain and Customised Pigmented Films
    2. Plain and Text Metallized Films
    3. Plain Matt Metallized Films
    4. Holographic Metallized Paper & Board

    Healthcare Packaging (HP)

  • - Flexible Laminates for Bags
    1. 2/3 Layer Laminates for Disposable Medical Devices

    Interior Architectural Solutions (IAS)

  • Decorative films for Interior Application
  • Profiles for Photo Frames
    1. Pigmented Foils for Profiles